The Special Import Car Show had many, many cars. So much in fact I couldn’t possibly fit them all into one post. So here’s a bonus gallery of some of the cars featured outside the main exhibition hall for you all to enjoy.

As I mentioned in the main SIS article, I went on the Saturday which held a special exhibit by the classic car owners, BMW, Audi, and VW owner’s club. Liberty Walk also had their cars on display outside, probably because they’re too wide to fit through the doors of Tokyo Big Sight.

Highlights include a topless 190SL that looked absolutely glamorous basking under the summer sun. I probably ogled at it as much as those guys inside ogled the models. The Lancia Montecarlo and Delta Intergrale parked next to each other was a treat too.

As for the owner’s club cars, for a start I’ve never seen so many S3s in one place. It was literally a S3a of them (sorry not sorry). The mint as E30 M3 and E34 M5 made my mouth water, which wasn’t good as it was incredibly hot outside that day.

Had I gone on a Sunday, and I wish I had, the weather would’ve been nice and there would’ve been more supercars. Apparently there were endless Lamborghinis, a white McLaren P1, and a Bugatti Veyron. Well, at least the Lancias, 190SL, and absolutely spotless B5 RS4 made up for it I suppose.


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