Progress this week has been pretty steady. I’ve booked the car into the bodyshop for rust repair and paint in mid September. Still need to work out how I’m paying for that though.

Also the previous owner has repaired the steering on the Coupe GT parts car so I was able to book and pay for the transport down to Wellington. I’m hoping it will arrive with me in the next couple of days so I can start stripping it. From the two photos I took when I looked at it, there are lots of parts on there that I need. It has electric windows and a sun roof so I’m hoping the window motors are good. And if the sunroof seal is okay then it will save me lots of money on a new one. I’m also hoping to use several trim pieces and interior parts if they’re good.

I’ve almost completely stripped the doors now. The passenger side door will need to be removed to get to the rusty A pillar.

Audi-UR-Quattro-0137 Audi-UR-Quattro-0139


I pulled out the centre console and lower dash. No more mice in there yet.

Audi-UR-Quattro-0140 Audi-UR-Quattro-0141

Good news! What looks like rust on the central tunnel actually isn’t rust. There has been a leak at some point and water has collected there under the carpets, but it’s just a stain, the tunnel is fine. The photos make it look worse too.


I finished stripping the boot lid and scraped off a lot of the glue. Both epoxy adhesive and silicone sealant have been used to glue carpets in place and they’re not fun to remove.

I also found more rust bubbles I hadn’t noticed along the bumper mount.


I cleaned up and painted some surface rust on the back panel.


The floor cleaned up pretty well.


I decided to slap a coat of paint on the floor to protect the surface before I add sound deadening, deal with the bits of surface rust and generally seal it. I thought I’d bought matt paint but it’s  gloss – doh! Ah well it will be out of sight soon.


Finally, John from Detail Depot called around with some Chemical Guys goodies. Looking forward to testing these out.


Just for fun I decided to try the Black Light polish on part of the bonnet to see how it came up. Pretty well I think. This car’s going to be awesome when it’s shiny and painted and polished.

Audi-UR-Quattro-0161 Audi-UR-Quattro-0164



Follow the full Project Rusty build here.

My build thread is on our forums here.

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