I’ve reached the first major milestone, Rusty has gone to the bodyshop. Now the wait begins. I said I wasn’t in a rush if it helped to make the bill any cheaper so it’s going to be at least a couple of months. They have promised to email me photos of the progress so I will post updates when I get them.


After looking around a bit I decided to use a bodyshop local to me, Just Rust. They’ve previously done rust and body repairs on my wife’s car, and when I called in they had some pretty big projects on the go, a couple of old muscle cars stripped to the shell, which was reassuring.

Another local company – Kohl Rod and Custom – transported the car for me. I did consider driving it the 1km to the bodyshop but it wasn’t worth the risk.


I took a few photos of Rusty, soon to be non-rusty, before she went away. I just love how this car looks. Even with half of its parts missing it looks great!

Audi-Ur-Quattro-0445 Audi-Ur-Quattro-0446 Audi-Ur-Quattro-0451 Audi-Ur-Quattro-0452 Audi-Ur-Quattro-0454

I guess there was some condensation in the exhaust

Audi-Ur-Quattro-0448 Audi-Ur-Quattro-0449 Audi-Ur-Quattro-0450

The bumpers and sunroof went separately



I also made a bit more progress stripping the donor. Unfortunately the back window didn’t come out in the intended number of pieces. I got a little bit too enthusiastic with a screwdriver when I was investigating the rubber seal.

Audi-Ur-Quattro-0457 Audi-Ur-Quattro-0636


I’ve also been shopping on Ebay and bought replacement Audi rings for the front doors and a new centre brake light. I bought some closed cell foam to go under the carpets (from Trademe).

These updates will be a bit less frequent until I get the car back from paint. I’m so excited, and itching to get on with the rebuild!

Follow the full Project Rusty build here.

My build thread is on our forums here.

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I love everything about cars! Driving, looking at them, modifying. It's great to see what people do with cars, the different car cultures. If I was rich, my garage would be bigger than my house!


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