The next-generation E-Class sedan will be unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2016 before going on sale in the second half of the year. Until then though, Mercedes have released interior photos to get us all worked up and excited about it.

Merc says the E-Class will come with many “world firsts” including thumb touchpads on the steering wheel to replace old fashioned buttons. Merc says this makes it easier and safe to go through controls and functions.


Said controls and functions are displayed on two (2!!!) 12.3-inch screens, much like in the more expensive S-Class sedan. These will only feature in higher-spec E-Classes, standard cars get conventional dials and a 8.4-inch screen in the middle.

The design of the interior is more S-Class than C-Class, which is a good thing. I’ve maintained that Merc should have a more integrated screen design on their more ‘grown-up’ cars while the ‘floating’ style screen is better suited to their cars aimed at younger audiences.


On closer inspection the screen of the E-Class is a mix of the ‘floating’ style and fully integrated one like in the S. A good compromise. The rest of the interior is very typical Merc. The COMAND dial and touchpad are still present.

A major redesign come in the form of the seats. Mercedes say they’re “shaped with inspiration from the human physique.” Whatever that means. They certainly look plush. There’ll also be different seat designs, depending on the trim level you choose. Avantgarde, Exclusive, and AMG cars will have different seats to suit their different characteristics.


Shining a light into the future, the E-Class also features new LED High Performance and MultiBeam LED headlights. Mercedes hopes these will give the E-Class a signature look, but from the spy shots I’ve seen I’m a bit adamant. I hope it won’t look too similar to the C and S-Classes.

At least the E-Class will introduce a new key fob design for Mercedes, to replace their current one that’s been around for over a decade. We’ll have to wait until next month to see what the E-Class looks like from the outside. Hopefully the interior isn’t an indication that’ll be a copy of the C/S-Class.

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