Fuji Speedway was one of my favourite tracks in the Gran Turismo PlayStation game series. With lots of fast corners and that fantastically long straight, not to mention the occasional glimpse of Mt.Fuji, it provided hours and hours of entertainment.


In the next video released by Bingo Sports from their epic track day at Fuji Speedway, t’s almost like Gran Turismo has come to life. We’re able to see a Ferrari F1/87, 288 GTO Evoluzione, and a F40 LM go around the picturesque track. The sight and sound of these cars is unbelievable.


It’s not often these cars feature on videos so this is quite a rare treat. The Ferraris are followed by a pair of Veyrons going around the track. Videos of Veyrons on the internet are plentiful, but few can match the jaw-dropping scenery provided by Mt.Fuji.


Last but not least are a triplet of Porsches; a 964 Carrera RS Racing, a 959 ‘Komfort’, and the unicorn of unicorns – a Schuppan 962CR. It’s worth watching the 8 minute video just to see the 962CR.

There are still a couple videos left for Bingo Sports to upload, I can’t wait to see the rest! Now if only other car dealers did promotional videos like this…

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Ken Saito
Words cannot begin to describe how much I love cars but it's worth a try. Grew up obsessed with them and want to pursue a career writing about them. Anything from small city cars to the most exotic of supercars will catch my attention.


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