Japan don’t really do fireworks to kick off the New Year. Sure, there are a couple of displays here and there but it’s nothing like New York, Sydney, or Dubai. New Year’s in Japan traditionally involves eating noodles, watching strange musical performances on television, and visiting temples. There were some balloons released near Tokyo Tower.

For those wanting to get their hearts racing and hear things explode have to go out of Tokyo and go to the annual New Year meets held at some of the larger and well-known parking areas. Hanyu Parking Area, in Saitama Prefecture, and the infamous Daikoku Parking Area were host to some of the rarest, craziest, and most interesting collection of cars in Japan.

My coverage of both meets will go live later this week, so stay tuned for those. In the meantime enjoy some video filmed by a friend of mine, Tatsuya Osuga, who took me to these meets.

Hanyu Meet:

Daikoku Meet: 

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