Rob Mitchell is a metal polishing and plating specialist based in Kent in the South of England, and he’s creating a car to showcase his work.

His previous build, named the Gold Rush Supra, cleaned up at the car show awards, and for good reason. It had a 680bhp twin turbo engine, fully polished and mounted in a shaved engine bay, with 24 carat gold plated components! The time and attention to detail that goes into a build like this is phenomenal and I think he did an excellent job.



Unfortunately it’s no longer around having been broken for parts three years ago. But Rob found that he missed the show scene too much not to bite the bullet and go for it again. He has started from scratch to create what he hopes is a good show car with the power and performance to match. 1000bhp is planned for the car.

Drive-Life-NZ-Dressed-To-Kill-Supra (8)

Doing everything himself,  he hopes this car will help promote his company and show the world his skills. From what I can see it will certainly do that! Even if this build is not to your taste, you have to respect the time and workmanship going into it. Personally I think it’s amazing and can’t wait to see the finished car.

Drive-Life-NZ-Dressed-To-Kill-Supra (7)

He has named the new build “Dressed to Kill”.


Photos taken from Rob’s Facebook page with permission. Follow his page for ongoing build information and photos.

And check out the gallery below. Awesome stuff, keep up the good work, Rob!

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