Fiat Chrysler New Zealand has confirmed that the Abarth 124 Spider, the top performance version of the 124 Spider, will arrive in the fourth quarter of 2016, just in time for summer.

It will be sole version of the new two seat open top sports car available in New Zealand.

Unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show in March, the Abarth 124 Spider has been finely fettled by Abarth’s engineers and stylists to produce a car that is instantly recognizable as a performance sports car. It backs this up with an 170 bhp engine that enables the dash to 100 kmh to be reached in 6.8 seconds, all accompanied by a growling sound track produced by the ‘Record Monza’ exhaust system.

But the Abarth is more than straight line performance.

Light weight – the Abarth 124 Spider weighs in at just 1060 kg – combined with a near perfect 50/50 weight balance and a traditional rear wheel drive chassis ensures superb handling and high levels of road holding, producing a driving experience that is involving and exciting in equal measures.

Each and every Abarth 124 Spider is tested and certified by an Abarth technician who applies a metal plate personally signing off each car and showing the sequential number of each car to certify the exclusiveness of Abarth 124 Spider. In short, a unique number for a unique client.

New Zealand pricing along with full details and local specifications will be announced when the Abarth 124 Spider arrives in New Zealand at the end of the year.


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