A red Ferrari and Red Bull aren’t the most obvious pairings but that’s what features in the most epic video of the week. The video has been up since March 30th and since then garnered more than 110,000 views.

The video was a collaboration between Red Bull and Takeshi Kimura. Kimura-San is a man you should be familiar with if you followed by Tokyo Drifter series when I was in Japan. He’s the man behind CarGuy and this isn’t the first time he’s taken his F40 to the extreme; he was the chap who went camping with it.

Photos by Kunihisa Kobayashi, Edward Khoma
Photos by Kunihisa Kobayashi, Edward Khoma

It was a joint collaboration between Kimura-San and Red Bull, completely separate from CarGuy. The reason? Well just to show that this is his life said Tomohiro Nagayama, producer of CarGuy and a friend of Kimura-San. These are the adventures he takes his cars on and this was a showcase of that. It’s something his fans will understand.

It’s not his first snow adventure either, he once took a Ferrari 458 Speciale and Lamborghini Huracan on a snowy adventure too, using them to play tug-of-war and general drifting goodness.

Photo by CarGuy
Photo by CarGuy

“A Day In The Life” was directed by Kiwi Luke Huxham, the same guy who did the Monster Energy video with the drifting Lamborghini Murcielago and Ford Mustang.

Here are some behind the scenes photos provided by CarGuy of the F40 on the Ryuoo Ski Park in Nagano, Japan.

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