Here’s a company that knows their customers well. Lamborghinis, to my mind at least, are all about being the mental anti-Maranello machines. They’re pantomime supercars. First and foremost they should wow with their designs. Performance should be second priority.

I’m probably in the minority but I’ve never been a huge fan of the Huracan. Other Lambos have been wild, ostentations so-and-sos. Take the Countach, Diablo, and Aventador as prime examples of these. The Huracan just looks a bit, tame.

Small wonder then that a few tuning companies have offered aftermarket kits for the Huracan, as well as other Lamborghini models. When I was in Japan I saw more modified Lamborghinis than I did stock ones. I wish I was exaggerating.


Lamborghini now offer Huracan customers a factory built and approved carbon fibre aero kit to make their cars look a bit more mad bull and less tame bovine. The kit is made up of a front splitter with winglets, side skirts with even more winglets, and a beefier rear diffuser.

The kit has been tested at Lamborghini’s wind tunnel but the company says it offers no increase in downforce. Instead it’s merely an aesthetic improvement. Just how it should be if you ask me. Lambos shouldn’t chase lap times, rather they should chase Instagram likes and female attention.

As optional extras go, this is one to tick. Not only does it give the Huracan an extra edge but it should prove to help maintain resale value. Have I mentioned that it looks great too? Not too over-the-top like certain kits, just enough to set it apart from the rest.

If it’s something you want to have on your Huracan it’ll cost you around $43,000. That’s roughly the price of a new Toyota 86. And that’s before fitment.

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Ken Saito
Words cannot begin to describe how much I love cars but it's worth a try. Grew up obsessed with them and want to pursue a career writing about them. Anything from small city cars to the most exotic of supercars will catch my attention.


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