On Monday 11 July, Mazda and Isuzu released a statement announcing a 10-year plan where Isuzu would supply Mazda with next-generation utes. The deal would result in enhancing Isuzu’s product competitiveness in the market and strengthen Mazda’s line-up.


Both companies see the cooperation relationship as a “win-win” situation. The announcement did not come with more details, apart from this will last at least a decade and that the new utes will be available in markets apart from North America.

There are no release dates for the next generation utes, which will likely replace the current Mazda BT-50 and Isuzu D-Max utes. The new deal means the next-generation utes will shift away from being based on Ford and Holden/Chevrolet utes.


We’ll update you on more details as they come to us.

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