Meet Graham, a sculpture that represents a human being evolved to survive car crashes. He was created by a group of artists and researchers as part of a safety campaign run by the Transport Accident Commission of the Australian state of Victoria. Gramham is meant to highlight how fragile the human body currently is.

“Cars have evolved a lot faster than humans and Graham helps us understand why we need to improve every aspect of our roads system to protect ourselves from our own mistakes,” said Joe Calafiore, head of the Transport Accident Commission.


The sculpture is made just like some movie prop is constructed from fiberglass, silicone and even real human hair.  The massive head will protect the brain from impacts. It features  more fluid and ligaments to brace the brain when a collision occurs. The chest is also enlarged to protect vital organs.

If you are still not freaked out by Gramham, you can take a closer look at their website.


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