If you’ve missed my previous post on the 2016 Lamborghini Day in Tokyo, you can read it here. Friday 16th September was a celebration of all things Lamborghini. But reading about it and looking at photos on tells half the story.

As well as the launch of a €1.9 million Centenario, Concours judging, and a cocktail party, the Lamborghini day also included a parade of 65 cars driving through Shibuya and Omotesando. Some of the busiest roads in Tokyo were soon overrun with noise, colours, and more noise.

To get the full Lamborghini experience you need to see and hear them in action. Luckily my friend, Suga (LMS5050), who’s my go-to guy for Tokyo vids, was there to catch some of the Lambos in action. Enjoy!

*turn your volume up to loud


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