This month started well, with some progress on the electrics. I sorted out the headlight wiring, with some repairs using the loom from the GT donor car. I had a couple of wires the wrong way around, and there were broken connections.



I bought a new steering wheel boss, hoping to fix my horn beeping problem, but they sent the wrong one, all the way from the UK. So I returned that for a refund and added some screws to my modified stock one instead. We’ll see if it works.

project-rusty-quattro-110730 project-rusty-quattro-121657

I was feeling pretty confident at this point, so I decided to get the car up on stands and sort out the brakes. I bought new discs and pads months ago. I was thinking it would be just a case of changing those, cleaning things up, new brake fluid, then taking it for a warrant to see what else failed.

I remembered walking under the car when it was on the transporter that delivered it, and thinking it didn’t look so bad underneath. Once I had the car on stands and wheels off, and started looking at it properly I realised I must have had my rose-tinted specs on that day!

I had priced up new braided brake line flexis from a New Zealand supplier, and they wanted to check the existing ones to make sure the sizes were correct, so I bought some flare spanners and went to remove the old lines.


That was when I realised that the hard lines and connections were all like this, so rounded that a spanner wouldn’t even go on them. I ended up having to use a saw to remove them. New brake hard lines are now on the shopping list.


I then decided to have a better look around under the car, a sinking feeling starting to develop. Everything under there looks pretty bad. Way worse than I remembered!

project-rusty-quattro-210614 project-rusty-quattro-210623 project-rusty-quattro-210634 project-rusty-quattro-210659

And the final straw was this. It looked like a bit of surface rust.


I gave it a little scrape, and this happened.

project-rusty-quattro-211426 project-rusty-quattro-211453

I have no idea how this was overlooked during the months the car spent at the body shop, but mistakes happen. It’ll have to go back again.

At this point I was feeling pretty fed up. I locked up the garage and didn’t go back down there for a few days. My wife says I’ve finally finished the denial stage and entered the acceptance stage. She might be right. I thought I was almost at the point where I might get to drive my car, but I’ve realised now that I have a lot more work to do than I thought, and it’s going to take some time, and a fair bit more money.

After a few days of coming to terms with this, I was back on track, now looking forward to pulling everything apart, cleaning it up and making it look awesome and work as it should.

Out with the penetrating oil, tools and my little 12 volt impact gun.


There’s one bolt on the brake carrier that I just can’t shift yet. And I just cannot get the shafts out at the back. They must be rusted in place.project-rusty-quattro-164905 project-rusty-quattro-175357 project-rusty-quattro-175401

I reckon those rear brake dust shields are past it! The GT had good ones though, so no worries.

I’m slowly getting there, piece by piece, taking my time in the odd hours I can get in the garage. I reckon I’m averaging about 30 minutes per bolt at the moment!

project-rusty-quattro-152941 project-rusty-quattro-155435project-rusty-quattro-144850

My head is constantly spinning, trying to make sense of how everything fits together, what parts I’ll need, what can be saved, and of course how much extra it’s all going to cost. I just need to chill out and take my time.

In the middle of this, some shiny new poly bushes arrived, for the wishbones and one subframe. It should have been both subframes, my fault!


I also solved another issue with the carpet. The stock trims are different each side and I forgot to include them with the car when Kohl made the carpet. I thought I would have to take it back for modification, then I stumbled across this part on Ebay Germany. I didn’t think the part even existed! It’s not on my parts diagrams.

project-rusty-quattro-081929 project-rusty-quattro-082012 project-rusty-quattro-082110

One of the CV boots is split, the new one looks much better.


The anti-rollbar bushes look slightly worn. I have replacements for these.


Oh and I noticed this. Not so good!


Finally, another pic of those wheels, because I love them so much.


Here’s to a progress-filled 2017, and Rusty being back on the road this year.

Follow the full Project Rusty build here.

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Rob Clubley
I love everything about cars! Driving, looking at them, modifying. It's great to see what people do with cars, the different car cultures. If I was rich, my garage would be bigger than my house!


  1. Rob, I just wanted to say that you have a great car! How many are there in NZ or AU? I have only seen it 2 times in 15 years of living in Sydney 🙁

    I actually own one myselft, it is in Europe 🙂


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