On Sunday the 23rd of April, round one of the 2017 Surgery Sprints kicked off at Manfield Circuit Chris Amon. Feilding squeezes in the last of the good weather before the winter months with a perfectly clear blue sky all day. And with any race day, if you have good weather, you get a great turnout, with just under 60 different types of racing cars. Check out some of the photos below to see the wide range of enthusiasts that entered round 1 of the sprints.

The Surgery Sprint Series has been a feature of the local club racing calendar for 25+ years now and has been generously sponsored by The Surgery since 1997. As far as motorsport goes it’s fairly low-key, so it is a great entry point for those who want to try their hand at motor racing. The format is simple: a pair of cars are released onto the track at 10-second intervals and they complete 3 laps from a flying start. Points are awarded according to the times each driver achieves and these points go towards individual and club prizes. Car are also divided up into classes based on engine size so that you will be pitted against someone similar to you,

The requirements are also basic: road legal tyres, fire resistant overalls, helmet, a fire extinguisher fitted to the car with a metal bracket, a roll cage for all open cars and a Motorsport NZ Licence (day licenses are available). And the entry fee for each round is just $90, which is great value for money if you want to dip your toe into some official motor racing. If you are interested in more info about the event or want to know where the full regulations and entry forms are, jump on over to The Surgery’s website – The Surgery Sprints

The results for round one can be found on The Surgery website, follow the link – The Results for The Surgery Sprints 2017

Check out the photos below to see the wide range of enthusiasts that entered round 1 of The Surgery Sprints.


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