The last two days of April this year saw the MTA celebrate its 100th year in service. As you would expect, this was done in great style.

Friday 28th of January saw a fleet of mainly electric cars doing a convoy from Parliament, to the TSB Arena on the Wellington Waterfront, where the MTA100 event was held for a whole weekend.

This kicked off with opening speeches by the Mayor, Justin Lester, as well as the chairman on the MTA board and other people who have been associated with the MTA. Mark Sainsbury was MC for this part of the event, and Mark also displayed his 1963 four-door convertible Lincoln Continental downstairs in the car park.

Over the weekend, thousands of members of the public poured through the doors – upstairs in the main hall was a display of current and future automotive technologies, like (of course) a Tesla, an electric trail bike, and a decidedly tasty McLaren.

Opposite this display was a show of iconic Kiwi motoring legends, including an exact replica of Burt Munro’s Indian motorcycle, a Hulme sports car, a Britten motorcycle (my favourite, naturally) and even a mint Trekka.

Downstairs in the car park was what many considered to be the main attraction. 100 cars spread over the car park, ranging from very early vintage cars right through to new muscle cars, and pretty much anything in between. Drive Life represented with two cars, a 1965 Sunbeam Tiger and a 2016 Dodge Challenger. It was mentioned by MTA staff that anyone that spoke to felt that the Dodge was the most popular car in the downstairs arena. The ‘B5 Blue’ paint sure stunned people, and it certainly felt like the most photographed car of the weekend.

Not only that, but anyone who showed interest in the Dodge were asked if they wanted to sit inside it – none said no. Many teenage boys eyes shone at the prospect of sitting in the car. I’m just glad the keys were always in my pocket.

Enjoy the car slide show.


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