As with any good project I’ve had more time to build up parts that I would have liked!  But of course it’s actually a good thing since I’ve already been able to stockpile a large chunk of the parts we’re going to need to get this car complete.

There are some items that I couldn’t source up front, such as the steering rack mentioned in the last part of our build story, and there are also items such as the suspension system from Viking which we aren’t able to size and measure until we had wheels and tyres etc.  A clutch solution was also on the list of items we couldn’t spec until the gearbox (well the gearbox casing from Mendeola) arrived, but we’ll cover the whole clutch process later on in another part of our build.

For now though, having a large chunk of the stuff we need certainly fills out my previously empty shelves and makes me feel like this is really happening!

So in the order of parts that I had managed to stockpile in the USA finally arrived and there’s were quite a few important parts in this build.

Wheels – Concavo 20×8.5″ and 20×10.5″.
Tyres – Hankook Ventus V12 – 255/30/20 and 305/25/20.
Brakes – Billet 6 pot front and Billet 4 pot rear brakes – 355mm rotors.
Tilton – Brake and Pedal set including master cylinders for clutch and E-Throttle pedal.
Mendeola S4/5 transaxle casing and test axle parts to help with creating mount points for engine and gearbox.   This will be replaced with our final gearbox once development is complete, but this will allow us to do everything we need up front.   To be honest a working gearbox will be one of the last things we need to have in place.
Corvette C5 – ABS pump, ECU, Wiring, Master cylinder, brake booster, lines, sensors etc. Front and rear antiroll bars, main drive axles for mock up (these will be replaced with custom items later).
Exhaust – 4 x Catalytic converters, 4 x collectors, 8 x V-band clamps, 4 x Flexi joints.
Dashboard – Aircon venting system and vents for main dashboard to be connected to Vintage Air HVAC system.
Sound deadening system for vibration as well as low and high frequency noise.
E-handbrake system – We plan on using an electronic handbrake to again minimise the amount of controls needed inside the car.  The hand brake should come on and off automatically based on things like gear selection and throttle position.  There will be a manual override just in case, but an electronic hand brake makes life simpler all round.
Electronic throttle bodies – We have two of these items for the car as we plan on running the intake system as 2 separate items for each side of the engine.   This allows us some advantages with controlling the flow of air as due to the unique firing order of the V12, you can actually run it as a straight 6 engine if you wanted.   Another major advantage with electronic throttles is that it allows easy control of launch and traction control which I think is going to be in definite need on this car !

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