In my last post I went over the process of adding mounts to the chassis so that the engine mounts could be bolted on and now it’s the turn of the transaxle to get somewhere to mount.  I had previously purchased some gearbox mounts from a Mercedes W140.  It was just coincidence that they were from a Mercedes, as I was really just looking around Ebay for something that I knew was going to fit.   A lot of the mounts I found were hanging mounts where the gearbox would actually hang on them, but I needed something that would allow the transaxle to sit on top of it and they seemed like the best fit.

What I needed to do was build a platform on the chassis for those new OEM mounts to sit on, and also make some arms that would be bolted to the transaxle to bolt it to the mounts.

I have to admit to having made a couple of other designs first for the chassis side which wasted a lot of time. They were all functional, but I didn’t like the way that they looked and even though they’ll probably never be seen in normal operation it would just have bugged me so I made them again till I was happy !!!

Once the chassis platforms were made I had to make some threaded inserts with my limited lathe skills for the OEM gearbox mounts to bolt into.  Then I needed to create the mounting plates that bolt to the transaxle to the OEM mounts.


All done.   Jeez that all sounds so easy when I write it down, but it’s actually taken quite a few hours to get to the end results


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