Something we knew we needed to look into was the location of the M120’s oil filter.   This was for 2 reasons, but turned into 3.   The first is that we wanted to be able to fit an oil cooler, so we needed to be able to fit lines to and from the engine.  Secondly we wanted to be able to move the OEM oil filter carrier as it blocked the front exhaust outlet quite severely on one side of the engine.  It turned out that the third reason it needed shifting was that we also decided to run a remote filter locator to make it easier to change the filter when needed.

You can see hopefully from this side photo of the engine that the OEM oil filter carrier blocks access to the front cylinders and although the OEM exhaust manifolds were made to fit, it’s far from ideal for the proper exhaust gas flow, it’s a classic case of compromise to make it fit into a production car, but luckily we don’t have that limitation and are chasing performance first.


Luckily because Mercedes are awesome engine builders the OEM filter housing is easily removed and it left us with this.


Since we needed to be able to insert fittings for the oil lines, we decided to make up a simple flat plate that was channelled to accept the OEM filter gasket to seal against the engine block and then just machine threads to take the two AN fittings for the oil lines, one in and one out of course.  The plate was made and milled by hand, just very slowly !


From there it was pretty straight forward to just bolt the plate up to the block in the OEM location and now it’s a pretty easy process when we’re ready to mount the external oil cooler and filter mount.


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