Hyundai New Zealand today revealed the all-new NEXO, New Zealand’s first zero emissions hydrogen powered SUV. Whilst NEXO is Hyundai Motor Company’s second-generation of commercialised fuel cell electric vehicle, it’s a first for New Zealand.

Hyundai New Zealand General Manager Andy Sinclair says: “This is truly an incredible milestone for Hyundai New Zealand to be able to introduce NEXO, a culmination of our cutting-edge technologies and the flagship of our growing eco-vehicle portfolio. NEXO not only embodies our commitment to advanced eco-friendly vehicle development, it also reinforces our leadership in fuel cell electric vehicles.”

A milestone in the evolution of motoring, NEXO not only produces zero emissions but also has an advanced air purification system which filters 99.9% of very fine dust (PM2.5), emitting only water and clean air into the environment. The vehicle shows the exact amount of air purified on the display panel in the car.

An on-board electric motor produces 120kW and a torque of 395 Nm, drawing power from an under-bonnet fuel cell stack, which combines oxygen from the surrounding air with hydrogen from NEXO’s high-pressure storage tanks. The result is electricity to power the motor and charge the battery. With full tanks of hydrogen on board, NEXO is capable of traveling 605km (WLTP) before it needs to refuel, which Hyundai says takes just a few minutes.

“We are entering an exciting time in the evolution of motoring and we are proud to lead the charge in advancing fuel technologies globally and here in New Zealand. The exact date for NEXO going to market in New Zealand ultimately depends on New Zealand’s ability to provide the infrastructure for the hydrogen fuelling stations. New Zealand has an abundance of renewable electricity that could be used to produce hydrogen in a sustainable way so we are working closely with the NZ Hydrogen Association towards a solution,” adds Mr Sinclair.

Dr. Linda Wright, Chief Executive of the NZ Hydrogen Association says Hyundai New Zealand need to be congratulated for being the first company to bring hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to New Zealand, “it is clear that Hyundai New Zealand is committed to leading the charge in assisting New Zealand transition to a low emission future. The Hyundai brand is synonymous with sustainability and a zero-emission future and the fact that Hyundai New Zealand has managed to get the NEXO here is fantastic. I drove the NEXO in Korea last year and understand fully the global demand for Hyundai’s premium fuel cell passenger vehicle. Andy Sinclair would have had to wrestle this vehicle away from other larger markets”, she says. “It is also a sign that New Zealand’s potential to create a hydrogen economy from our renewable energy resources is attracting attention from countries like Korea and Japan.

Mr Sinclair add, “as well as pioneering future mobility, Hyundai’s cars are also among the safest. The 5 star Euro NCAP rating confirms Hyundai’s commitment to provide customers and other road users with the highest level of safety and innovative mobility solutions.”

NEXO features Hyundai’s Smart Sense safety suite (drive assistance technologies) and other smart tech features in the NEXO include smart parking assist and remote parking assist.

Hyundai New Zealand was one of the founding members and the first automotive manufacturer to join the NZ Hydrogen Association in 2018.

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