Ever since the first model hit the streets back in 1992, the WRX has gained worldwide support from sports car enthusiasts as a distinctive performance car combining impressive sport performance with the practicality of a four-door sedan.

Equipped with a Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system built around Subaru’s Boxer engine, the WRX is the symbol of Subaru AWD sport performance.

For 2022, the power unit has been upgraded to 2.4-litre direct injection Subaru Boxer turbo engine. The engine is installed on the chassis built on the Subaru Global Platform with full inner frame construction that Subaru says significantly enhances vehicle responsiveness and ride comfort.

In addition, Subaru Performance Transmission incorporates adaptive shift control for a much quicker shifting response, the Drive Mode Select system, which changes the driving characteristics of the car according to the driver’s preference.

Subaru of New Zealand’s Managing Director Wallis Dumper says: “There has been so much excitement around the global reveal of this much anticipated new generation WRX. Subaru Corporation have exceeded expectations – we can’t wait to give Kiwis the opportunity to get behind the wheel and experience the thrill of a 2.4 turbo engine. We look forward to sharing more information about this special new performance Subaru with our brand’s Kiwi enthusiasts in the coming months.” 

“This could be the last chance for Subaru performance car devotees to get their hands on a WRX as we know it, given the rapid shift in the automotive market towards EV and changes imposed by Government legislation.”

The new WRX (United States model) is scheduled to go on sale in the United States in 2022. While New Zealand doesn’t yet have a confirmed launch date for WRX fans, information regarding the timings and local specifications of the Subaru WRX will be revealed closer to the release date.

Main features of the new WRX (United States model)


A 2.4-litre direct injection Subaru Boxer turbo engine quickly responds to the driver’s acceleration pedal operation and generates high torque from low rpm.
For vehicles equipped with Subaru Performance Transmission, sports shift control has been adopted to further enhance the enjoyment of driving. Even while the shifting remains in the D range, the car automatically and quickly changes the ratio in response to the driver’s acceleration/deceleration operation.
Variable Torque Distribution AWD system, which delivers both vehicle stability and sporty turning performance, is adopted for the vehicles equipped with Subaru Performance Transmission. For the trim featuring Drive Mode Select function, AWD sport mode further enhances turning performance by controlling LSD torque.

Evolution of driving dynamics, the core pillar of WRX

  • The WRX is built on the Subaru Global Platform for the first time. In combination with full inner frame construction and structural adhesive application, the rigidity of the body and chassis has been further enhanced. As a result, it enables sharper handling and reduction of unpleasant vibrations and shaking.
  • The chassis geometry has been optimised so that the suspension can move more smoothly in response to input from the road surface. With longer functional stroke compared to the previous model, the ground contact and stability are improved. It also contributes to ride comfort.
  • Dual-pinion electric power steering system, which has separate axis for the motor assist and the driver’s input, has been newly adopted. It delivers a smooth and responsive, sporty steering feel.

The Drive Mode Select system offers additional options to configure steering feel, damper settings and more with just the push of a button.

On the vehicles featuring Drive Mode Select System, electronically controlled dampers deliver both a sporty and a high-quality ride feel. The damping force is variably controlled in response to the input from road surface and vehicle information to achieve a flat ride with less shaking.


  • Three-dimensional, deeply carved shape starting from the hexagon grille, wide and low front bumper and the bulging fenders express the dynamic feeling and raise expectations for superior driving performance.
  • Black trim pieces including the sport side garnishes on the front and rear fenders and the side sill spoilers feature hexagon patterned aerodynamic texture that reduces air resistance. Air outlets opened at the front sport side garnishes and each side of the rear bumper enhance the driving stability, as well as the exterior appeal.

Interior styling

  • A sporty black interior with red stitching raises expectations for aggressive and sporty performance of the new WRX.
  • A large, high-definition center information display that integrates various functions located in the center of the instrument panel makes your travel time more fun and satisfying.
  • The newly designed RECARO front seats codeveloped with RECARO are available on select trim. The new seats bring better body holding performance and help keeping the preferred driving position in sport driving.

Upgraded EyeSight driver assist technology

  • A new generation EyeSight with wider viewing angle is standard on all trims with Subaru Performance Transmission. In combination with the newly added electric brake booster which improves responsiveness of braking assist, the operation coverage of pre-collision braking has been expanded to support collision avoidance at intersections.
  • A stereo camera with a wider viewing angle expands the area of recognition. The vehicle can continue to follow the preceding vehicle even on sharper curves and recognise a preceding vehicle coming into the same lane faster.

Performance car fans who are interested in the all-new Subaru WRX can register here to stay up to date with the latest information as it’s revealed over the coming months.

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