Just like that the Tokyo Auto Salon has come and gone. After a hiatus in 2021 where instead of a physical show we got an online one instead, regular TAS service commenced for 2022. Of course with Japan’s strict travel restrictions there was also an online show for fans overseas. However, for us on the ground here in Tokyo it was a welcome return to Japan’s wackiest and most fun auto show. 

For those unfamiliar with the Tokyo Auto Salon, something I’ve covered extensively here before, it’s an auto show aimed at the tuner side of the automotive world. Think of it as Japan’s SEMA but even crazier. You get a mix of world renowned tuners, automotive schools, up and coming shops, and even some OEMs giving their hand at this whole modification business. It’s a great way to gauge where Japan’s car culture is heading. 

In recent years the Tokyo Auto Salon has been the venue of choice for manufacturers to show off their more enthusiast oriented models, after all most of the people that come to TAS are enthusiasts themselves as opposed to the more general audience of regular motor shows such as the cancelled-for-2021 Tokyo Motor Show. 

This year we had exciting debuts from the likes of Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, and Mitsubishi. Toyota had a bombardment of new cars including the most extreme version of the GR Yaris yet, the GRMN. With the rear seats removed, even more carbon fibre parts, and fewer comfort features it’s a 20kg lighter, angrier, limited edition version of everyone’s favourite hot hatch. Destined to be limited to the Japanese market (for now), only 500 of these will be made. A true future collector’s item in the same vein as the legendary Subaru 22B. 

2022 Tokyo Auto Salon – Toyota

Also on the Toyota stand was the stunning GR GT3 Concept. A peek into the notion of Toyota entering the lucrative private motorsports market, the GR GT3 Concept is a way for the Japanese auto giant to appeal to both private and professional customer racing clients, something along the lines of Porsche GT3 Cup cars. As it’ll adhere to all GT3 regulations around the world, a homologated road version shouldn’t be too far away either. 

2022 Tokyo Auto Salon – Subaru

Over at Subaru were the usual STI dressed up version of existing models including the new WRX, BRZ, and Levorg. But what caught my eye and everyone else’s eye was the jaw-dropping E-RA Concept, or Electric Record Attempt Concept. As the name suggests Subaru wants to use this to break the current Nurburgring lap record. With 4 electric motors and a combined output of “over 745kW” it should definitely be in the running. 

2022 Tokyo Auto Salon – Nissan

Nissan gave Japan its first taste of the production version of the new Fairlady Z. Shown in two ‘Launch Edition’ colours and a ‘Tokyo Auto Salon special’ retro-inspired bodykit, the Z was without a doubt the main attraction at this year’s Auto Salon. Crowds lined up along the entire hall Nissan was in just to get a glimpse of Japan’s new sports car. The excitement in the air was palpable, especially towards the orange retro-inspired car. Even Nissan were surprised by the response from the public and said they’re very keen to make a production version of this kit available to buyers. I for one can’t wait to get behind the wheel of one. 

2022 Tokyo Auto Salon – Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi, surprisingly, had something new and cool in the form of the ‘Ralliart Concept’. Based on the current Outlander PHEV, which just won our 2021 Car of the Year award, this souped up matte black widebody version previews a return of Mitsubishi’s in-house motorsport department. Could we see a performance version of the Outlander in the near future? I hope so, that’d be an interesting addition to the market but even if Ralliart will return as cosmetic upgrades rather than full engine and chassis tuning, think Audi S-Line versus the full Audi RS. 

Of course, Tokyo Auto Salon is more than just new car unveils and there were some tuner highlights too including the return of Veilside with their kit for the current generation Toyota Supra. Super GT team, Arta, also showed off a limited run version supercar based on the outgoing Honda NSX called the Legavelo. Only 5 of these will be built and it certainly adds more drama to the NSX’s design. 

For the rest of the best, have a look through the gallery below. Until next TAS. 

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  1. Tokyo Auto Salon is generating a lot of Buzz!! Overall, automotive fans can anticipate viewing a diverse range of vehicles, many of which they would not see elsewhere.


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