UK-based Boreham Motorworks says it is proud to announce a worldwide, brand licence agreement with the Ford Motor Company to produce and remaster a series of some of Ford’s most historically significant road, race and rally icons.  

The company is the high-performance motorsport and racing division of the DRVN Automotive Group; an automotive company claims to be specialising in delivering a peak analogue driving experience through the design, manufacture, and distribution of luxury automotive brands, committed to innovation and engineering.

The first vehicle in the series will see the return of the legendary Ford RS200 by Boreham Motorworks on its fortieth anniversary with an entirely new, ground-up build of a road-legal Group B-inspired drivers’ car. The iconic Ford RS200, first launched by Ford in 1984, was engineered to compete in the World Rally Championship. Boasting a mid-engine layout, advanced four-wheel-drive system and a lightweight composite body, the Ford RS200 became one of the most revered rally cars of the century.

Additionally, Boreham Motorworks has been entrusted to continue some of Ford Motor Company’s most historically significant road, race, and rally icons, creating blueprint-accurate, period-sympathetic vehicles with continuation VIN numbers, the first of these being the Ford MK1 Escort. Introduced in the late 1960s the MK1 became synonymous with motorsport success with its lightweight design and advanced suspension setup that provided exceptional handling and agility on both road and rally stages.

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Ford Motor Company and kickstart a series that will redefine and remaster these icons of the past,” commented Darren McDermott, Executive Chairman, DRVN Automotive Group. “We aim to redefine automotive innovation and push the boundaries in terms of driver engagement and design. Our shared commitment to this incredible project will create an outstanding analogue driving experience and leave a lasting legacy for the true petrol head.”

Boreham Motorworks will remaster these icons in very limited numbers, while providing customers an exclusive, invitation only membership to The Boreham High Performance Club, for immersing like-minded individuals in spectacular driving experiences globally.

At least five further iconic Ford vehicles will be celebrated over the course of the series, with the Ford MK1 Escort continuation to be shown to the public later this year. Interest is now being accepted on the Boreham Motorworks website at

“From the first time we met with Boreham Motorworks and the DRVN team, it was clear that they had an exciting vision for how to bring some of our most iconic historical nameplates to life for the modern era,” commented Will Ford, General Manager, Ford Performance Motorsports. “It will be exciting to see this relationship flourish and to see how Boreham Motorworks brings the vision to life at a time when there is so much passion from enthusiasts for great experiences.”

The Boreham Motorworks series comes as Ford Performance Motorsports expands its racing programs around the world including initiatives such as the Mustang GT3 at Le Mans, a new Ford Raptor for the Dakar rally in 2025 and Ford’s return to the pinnacle of motorsport.

About Boreham Motorworks

Boreham Motorworks, founded in the United Kingdom, specialises in the design, manufacture, and distribution of iconic Ford road, race, and rally cars. As an official licence partner of the Ford Motor Company, Boreham Motorworks is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the legacy of some of Ford’s most iconic vehicles. The company’s ethos is centred around achieving a peak analogue driving experience throughout all their vehicles, ensuring that every model delivers stunning performance, authenticity, and driving pleasure.

Boreham Motorworks says it blends meticulous craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to honour the spirit of classic Ford engineering while catering to the modern automotive enthusiast. With a commitment to quality and a passion for motorsport heritage, Boreham Motorworks ensures that each vehicle is a unique embodiment of the rich history and performance excellence associated with Ford.

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Fred Alvrez
How on earth to start this? I've been car/bike/truck crazy since I was a teen. Like John, I had the obligatory Countach poster on the wall. I guess I'm more officially into classic and muscle cars than anything else - I currently have a '65 Sunbeam Tiger that left the factory the same day as I left the hospital as a newborn with my mother. How could I not buy that car? In 2016 my wife and I drove across the USA in a brand-new Dodge Challenger, and then shipped it home. You can read more on We did this again in 2019 in a 1990 Chev Corvette - you can read about that trip on DriveLife. I'm a driving instructor and an Observer for the Institute of Advanced Motorists - trying to do my bit to make our roads safer.


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