GMSV has celebrated its third anniversary with a significant announcement, revealing the GMC Yukon, a full-size premium SUV with seating for eight, will be joining the marque’s showroom portfolio, as well as several developments associated with existing model lines. 

“GMSV has made a real impression in the local market and, thanks to this success, we’ve been able to make a strong business case for additional models and this latest arrival is testament to these achievements,” said Greg Rowe, Director of GMSV.

“I’m excited to confirm the new GMC Yukon, will be remanufactured here in Melbourne and will be available in Australia and New Zealand.” DriveLife drove a Tahoe for 6,000 miles across America a few years ago, and that was a big truck. We can only imagine how large the Yukon is going to be on New Zealand roads. Since New Zealand will be getting the 2025 model year Yukon, no images are available yet to share.

The announcement is coincident with the 8,000th remanufactured Chevrolet Silverado emerging from the Premoso facility in Dandenong.

“The GMSV journey started in November 2020 with the launch of the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, together with the announcement of the very first manufactured right-hand drive Corvette, the C8,” said Mr Rowe.

“The popularity of GMSV and the vehicles we sell through our network has grown substantially in a few short years and this success was what inspired us to investigate the possibility of adding an all-new model to the line-up.”

GMSV dealerships will offer the GMC Yukon Denali and the first examples of the new model are anticipated to arrive in showrooms early 2025, with pricing and specification to be confirmed shortly before the start of sales.

Concurrent with the announcement of the new GMC Yukon, GMSV also took the opportunity to update plans relating to other model developments, including Corvette E-Ray, MY24 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 upgrades and MY24 Chevrolet Silverado HD.

GMSV: Corvette E-Ray

The Corvette E-Ray is the quickest accelerating Corvette ever, thanks to the addition of an electric drive unit to the LT2 6.2-litre V8 engine.

An e-AWD system, the first-time, all-wheel drive is available in a Corvette, keeps the E-Ray sure-footed on most roads in almost all conditions.

“The electrified architecture makes this the most technologically advanced Corvette ever and we are pleased to announce that MY24 build of the new model is expected to commence mid-next year,” said Mr Rowe.

GMSV: MY24 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 upgrades

Chevrolet Silverado enthusiasts will be pleased to know a new GM performance exhaust will be added to both models in the MY24 1500 range, the ZR2 and LTZ Premium.

“The MY24 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 will now be standard with an active performance exhaust system providing customers the flexibility of a ‘standard’ exhaust experience – or dialling up the limiter to hear that traditional V8 rumble,” said Mr Rowe.

In another development, the new MY24 ZR2 will receive more equipment, including Rear Camera Mirror, Multi-Colour 15” Diagonal Head-Up Display, Power Tilt/Telescoping steering column, Adaptive Cruise Control along with a Bose Premium Sound System. 

GMSV: MY24 Chevrolet Silverado HD

As announced in September, the new MY24 Chevrolet Silverado HD is scheduled to start the remanufacturing process at Dandenong this month, with the first wave of vehicles anticipated to arrive in showrooms as early as December.

More details of all updates, as well as information about the new GMC Yukon, will available at GMSV: New GM Cars for Sale in Australia & New Zealand (

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