About Drive Life NZ


Who are we…..

We are an online Auto Community aimed to cater for everyone. Drive Life set out to build upon the great automotive community that New Zealand already has to offer and create one place where all petrol heads & regular Joes can go to find information about everything automotive in New Zealand; a place where enthusiast of all brands can socialise, teach and learn from each other. As the site grows we hope to get involved in promoting more automotive events & gatherings around New Zealand.

What drives us…..

We are a diverse team, from different countries, walks of life, tastes and experiences, but if there is one thing we have in common, it’s cars. We understand that every auto enthusiast has his or her favorite brand, but they also share something else, and that’s a love an appreciation for all thing automotive. There are specialty sites for Ford, Holden, Audi, Hotrods, Classic, Vintage, Race, Off-roading, Detailing, Imports and Custom cars. But now one place for everyone to connect and share these experiences no matter what you’re in to. We wanted to create a site in New Zealand that does not focus on any one brand or genre of car. In just out team alone, we cover Ford, Holden, Audi, Super Cars, Off-Roading, Track-days, Detailing, Imports and Classicss.

We thought there had to be an easier way to do this, so we created Drive Life NZ, the online Auto Community for everyone.