There’s a new brand in the New Zealand market, the Chinese company, Omoda. To help buyers overcome any fears of moving to a new, unknown (in New Zealand) brand the company has announced that all models will come with a 7-year warranty.

DriveLife went to the launch of the brand in Auckland in December and will have a “first impressions” drive shortly.

The warranty will cover both petrol and EV versions of the Omoda C5, the first model to be launched in March of this year. That warranty is for unlimited kilometres, and shortly a Roadside Assistance package will be announced. The Omoda E5 EV will come with an eight-year battery warranty. The warranty is transferable between owners.

Providing consumers with generous assurance backs the confidence Omoda has in the fleet they’re bringing to market says Sheldon Humphries, Omoda Country Manager.

“Omoda vehicles are at the forefront of innovation, design and safety, but we want our customers to have complete confidence on the road so they can enjoy the driving experience wherever they may be across the motu.”

Omoda will release eight models in New Zealand over the next two years. While the vehicles will be new to Kiwis, the company says it is experiencing significant growth in 15 markets worldwide with 12,000 vehicles sold in November 2023 alone. Global statistics show that in 2023, Omoda’s cumulative sales globally were more than 147,000 units.

“We know bringing a new brand to New Zealand is a big step for Kiwis to take, so by offering one of the most generous warranties on the market and the guarantee of parts and roadside assistance, we can show our commitment to New Zealand customers and this market ahead of launch,” says Humphries.

Omoda says Kiwi Omoda drivers can also drive easy knowing they’re safe and secure when they take to the road. In August 2023, the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) released the latest safety test results, with the OMODA C5 passing the professional and most rigorous safety evaluation. The Omoda C5 received the highest rating of five stars, a testimony to the design and build quality, ensuring the vehicles meet the world’s highest safety standards, says Omoda.

While the company has just announced a 7-year warranty, they are also looking to offer 7 years of free Warrant Of Fitness (WoF) checks soon, and then to other potentially cost-effective options around servicing.

Humphries says that dealers are excited about the new brand, and feedback to date has been very positive. He suggests it’s important to note that the company will have a larger line-up of models in a short period of time. He feels that it is vital to have that spread between internal combustion engines (ICE), plug-in hybrid (PHEV), and full battery-electric (BEV). 

“Some of our models coming to market are key opportunities into certain segments where only 1 or 2 models dominate that segment,” says Humphries. 

As far as dealerships are concerned, there are 12 signed up and ready to go with another two coming on shortly. There are 15 other dealers in the wings, and Omoda hopes to have these all sorted out before their March launch. That will give the company a good spread of dealerships around the country. Another 6 dealers in smaller regions have expressed interest in the brand, he says.

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