Electric vehicle buyers in Australia and New Zealand will be the first in the world to be able to purchase the all-electric Cadillac LYRIQ in right-hand-drive – marking a milestone moment for automotive luxury in both countries.

“The Cadillac LYRIQ, which will be available in Australia and New Zealand as a 2025 model, is a fully electric SUV that redefines modern luxury as the industry moves to electrification,” said John Roth, Vice President, Global Cadillac.

“Cadillac is experiencing great sales momentum thanks to our strong product portfolio – and we are now expanding our business globally,”  said Roth. “The introduction of a right-hand-drive LYRIQ will enable new opportunities in important markets where EV adoption is strong.” 

“LYRIQ sets the standard for the future of Cadillac. It elevates our iconic brand through artfully integrated technology, premium craftmanship, and dedication to delivering spirited performance.”

Jess Bala, Managing Director GM Australia and New Zealand, said the all-electric Cadillac portfolio in Australia and New Zealand would begin with the LYRIQ, and grow with more entries.

“Cadillac will be in a position to offer a fully electric portfolio by 2030,” said Bala. “Launching our all-new, all-electric Cadillac EV business in Australia and New Zealand positions us well to be able to select the right models for these markets – just as we are doing with LYRIQ.”

“The launch of Cadillac signals the introduction of our modern automotive luxury brand for our markets – one which features electric vehicles front and centre with the promise of more models to come.”

“On a more personal level, I am beyond excited to be part of the team bringing Cadillac to Australia and New Zealand and am so incredibly proud to be doing so with the stunning all-electric LYRIQ.”

Australia and New Zealand are at a formative stage of the EV transition, which presented new opportunities for Cadillac and were important factors in selecting these countries as the first right-hand-drive markets for Cadillac LYRIQ, said Ernesto Ortiz, President and Managing Director of GM’s Strategic Markets, Alliances, and Distributors.

 “Cadillac’s iconic brand and LYRIQ’s bold design make it a compelling combination for Australians and New Zealanders who have an eye for quality, love technology and want to challenge the status quo and stand out from the crowd,” said Ortiz.

The Cadillac Experience in Australia and New Zealand

In keeping with the luxury position of the Cadillac brand, dedicated ‘Experience Centres’ will be established in Melbourne, Sydney, and Auckland. Together with an intuitive online presence that will enable customers to explore and buy fully online, these will be the foundations of the retail strategy for the Cadillac EV business in Australia and New Zealand, says GMSV.

“Our Cadillac ‘Experience Centres’ will be destination locations, where customers can discover more about Cadillac as a modern luxury brand and explore, test drive, and buy a LYRIQ,” said Bala.

“Whether customers want to shop fully online or in-store, we will provide experiences that engage the senses, anticipate desires, and enable our customers to go on extraordinary journeys.”

For customers who would like to be the first to put their hand up to purchase a LYRIQ when it arrives in Australia and New Zealand, they can visit www.cadillacanz.com/register.  

Cadillac, LYRIQ and the Down Under Connection

Bala is not the only Antipodean involved in bringing the factory built right-hand drive Cadillac LYRIQ Down Under, with a number of Australians playing an integral part in the program including Michael Simcoe, Andrew Smith, and Travis Hester.

When asked for his thoughts about the launch of Cadillac LYRIQ in Australia and New Zealand, Travis Hester, Vice President – Enterprise Product and Manufacturing Solutions, said: “Cadillac has always represented the peak of technology and sophistication, so it is fitting that LYRIQ is the first right-hand-drive GM EV product to be exported to Australia and New Zealand.

“The LYRIQ offers an unparalleled driver and passenger experience and is perfectly suited to the Australian luxury buyer.

“I am thrilled that the LYRIQ is leading Cadillac and GM’s commitment to transition to EVs on a global scale.”

Andrew Smith, Executive Director, Global Advanced Design and Global Architecture Studio added “I am extremely proud of the team and of the LYRIQ. It elevates Cadillac in every way.

“LYRIQ is stunning, and it is a really special feeling knowing friends and family back home will have the opportunity to experience it.”

Cadillac and LYRIQ Fast Facts

LYRIQ: Cadillac’s First Electric Vehicle

Building on more than 120 years of innovation, LYRIQ is Cadillac’s first all-electric model and elevates the luxury experience in an all-new vehicle package. 

An All-New Right-Hand Drive Offering

The Cadillac LYRIQ is manufactured at the Springhill Plant on a dedicated right-hand drive line. 

GM Ultium Battery

At the heart of the Cadillac LYRIQ is GM’s Ultium battery – an innovative EV propulsion architecture with flexible, modular construction which spans Cadillac’s entire global footprint, delivering outstanding power, range, and performance. Cadillac says Ultium enables an entire line-up of high-volume crossovers, SUVs, full-size pickups to low-roof luxury cars, all designed from and built on the same core architecture.

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