Hyundai’s first-ever high-performance electric vehicle, the IONIQ 5 N, has arrived in New Zealand, applying creative thinking, new technology and world-beating engineering to revolutionise the high-performance EV game, says Hyundai.


  • Hyundai’s first high-performance EV, the IONIQ 5 N, is now available in New Zealand
  • IONIQ 5 N applies new thinking and technology to shift perceptions of what high-performance cars can be, merging electrification with driving emotion claims the company
  • Involves the driver with EV-specific innovations including N Active Sound+ and N e-Shift, along with many other customisation features
  • N-exclusive exterior design reflects AWD powertrain’s 448kW/740Nm output – 478kW/770Nm with N Grin Boost (NGB) deployed
  • IONIQ 5 N is available now priced from $134,990 + on road costs

“The IONIQ 5 N is a car we are immensely excited about introducing to the New Zealand market. We have developed a loyal following amongst electric vehicle enthusiasts since we launched the original IONIQ back in 2017” says Hyundai New Zealand Chief Executive Officer, Scott Kelsey.

“The IONIQ 5 N represents the pinnacle in all those years of research and development. There has always been a question mark of whether an electric vehicle can represent the enjoyment factor of a combustion vehicle. One quick spin in the IONIQ 5 N is enough to answer this question with a resounding yes.”

2024 HYUNDAI IONIQ 5 N: Cornering

IONIQ 5 N leverages its advanced E-GMP platform to deliver dynamic capability and driving fun through features such as N Torque Distribution, electronic Limited-Slip Differential, Electronic Controlled Suspension (ECS) and a reinforced body structure.

The car’s design apparently reflects IONIQ 5 N’s high-performance capabilities headlined by N-exclusive bumpers, wheel arch extensions, 21-inch wheels and a rear spoiler.

There are also N Light sports front seats, steering wheel, console with lateral support, pedals and footrest are optimised for convenient daily use and maximum driving immersion.

2024 HYUNDAI IONIQ 5 N: Range & Specification Summary

IONIQ 5 N is offered in a single fully equipped variant with the option of a fixed glass vision roof.

 Specification summaryIONIQ 5 N (AWD)
Basic Dimensions (mm)Overall length (mm)4,715
Overall width (mm)1,940
Overall height (mm)1,585
Wheelbase (mm)3,000
BatteryCapacity (kWh)84.0
MotorMax. output (kW)448 / 478 (N Grin Boost)
Max. torque (Nm)740 / 770 (N Grin Boost)
Maximum Speed (km/h)260
0-100km/h (sec)3.5 / 3.4 (N Grin Boost)
Driving Range (WLTP)448 km
Charging TimeDC 300kW charger (10 – 80%)Approximately 25 mins
DC 50kW charger (10 – 80%)Approximately 1 hr 10 mins
AC 7kW charger (10 – 100%)Approximately 10 hr 50mins
Trunk Capacity (L)480 (VDA)

2024 HYUNDAI IONIQ 5 N: Battery

A high-density battery allows IONIQ 5 N to deliver long range and high performance.

ModelOutputEnergyEnergy Density
IONIQ 5 N535 kW84.0 kWh173 Wh/kg
IONIQ 5277 kW77.4 kWh160.6 Wh/kg

Note: IONIQ 5 battery weight – 482 kg; IONIQ 5 N battery weight – 485.7 kg.

2024 HYUNDAI IONIQ 5 N: Front Wheel Motor

IONIQ 5 N’s high-power drive system features an efficient integrated-type motor-speed reducer-inverter.

ModelMax OutputMax Torque
IONIQ 5 N175 kW370 Nm
IONIQ 570 kW255 Nm

Note: IONIQ 5 N figures with NGB deployed

2024 HYUNDAI IONIQ 5 N: Rear Wheel Motor

IONIQ 5 N features Hyundai’s first high-power, primarily rear-wheel drive EV powertrain system.

ModelMax outputMax torque
IONIQ 5 N303 kW400 Nm
IONIQ 5160 kW350 Nm

Note: IONIQ 5 N figures with NGB deployed

2024 HYUNDAI IONIQ 5 N: Performance figures

Maximum speed260 km/h
0-100 km/h3.5 sec / 3.4 sec (N Grin Boost)
Driving Range (WLTP combined)448 km
Efficiency (WLTP combined)212 Wh/km

2024 HYUNDAI IONIQ 5 N: Multi-charging system

A multi-charging system allows IONIQ 5 N to plug into both 800V and 400V infrastructure for 50kW/100kW fast-charging (400V) or 350kW ultra-fast charging (800V) capability.

2024 HYUNDAI IONIQ 5 N: Driving Technology

IONIQ 5 N applies new hardware and technology in the pursuit of extremely high dynamic capabilities, driving fun and safety.

Electronically Controlled Suspension (ECS)

By optimally controlling the damping forces at each wheel ECS can offer both high-performance handling and superb comfort, with the further benefit of specific suspension settings tailored to the selected drive mode.

Electronic Limited Slip Differential (e-LSD)

An Electronic Limited Slip Differential on IONIQ 5 N’s rear axle actively distributes torque to each wheel to optimise dynamic driving performance and mitigate traction loss. IONIQ 5 N’s e-LSD enhances handling balance and makes best use of the available tyre grip during high-speed cornering as well as optimising traction to prevent slip on mixed friction surfaces, such as wet roads or snow.

Integrated Drive Axle (IDA)

Integrated Drive Axle design on IONIQ 5 N’s front axle reduces complexity and weight and increases rigidity, to enhance handling performance and deliver greater driver feedback.

Dual-axis hydro-type motor mount bush

A new fluid-filled bush design improves the damping of the motor units to reduce the transmission of vibration to the cabin and provide rapid response during high-speed driving.

Rack-mounted Motor-Driven Power Steering

IONIQ 5 N’s RMDPS brings crisp steering response and consistent feedback through the application of new in-house torque feedback logic.

Enhanced braking system

IONIQ 5 N features large-diameter front brake discs with four-piston monobloc calipers, and brake cooling air-guides, to deliver strong, fade-free braking performance.

EV N-exclusive high-performance specifications

N Active Sound + (NAS+)

User-selectable sounds give the driver aural feedback to accompany powertrain performance based on rpm, speed, torque and accelerator position, delivered through interior and Hyundai-first exterior speaker technology.

There are three sound profiles to accompany the unique EV N driving experience:

  • Ignition: High-performance ICE sounds with a backfire sound effect
  • Evolution: A futuristic high-performance EV sound inspired by RN22e and N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo
  • Supersonic: Fighter jet inspired sound with a sonic boom effect

Sound selection is via the user interface or by N shortcut steering wheel button customisation, and custom drive mode allows for the user’s choice of sound profile.

N e-Shift

The N e-Shift function provides a satisfying and intuitive high-performance driving sensation by simulating the feel of gear shifts. The virtual shift jolts are accompanied by high-performance sound effects in conjunction with the N Active Sound + system. Ignition sound mode will automatically activate when N Active Sound + is off and the N e-Shift is in operation.

N Drift Optimiser

N Drift Optimiser enables drivers to drift expertly by automatically optimising body control and torque distribution to each wheel. The system increases torque distribution to the rear motor, while applying dedicated torque and regenerative braking maps, and managing wheelspin speed. To initiate drift, a torque kick (manual-transmission-style clutch-kick drift) can be activated by pulling both paddle shifters simultaneously.

N Launch Control

N Launch Control makes it easy to achieve maximum acceleration performance from a standstill. The system automatically activates N Grin Boost (0-100km/h in 3.4sec) and brings three road-grip level options to suit a range of surface conditions – Low, Medium and High grip.


Recommended Retail Price$134,990 + on road costs
Option Pricing
Vision Roof with power operated blind$2,000
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