In the last couple of months I’ve put about 350 miles on Rusty, and there have been some highs and lows in that time. That’s project car life I guess!

I took my wife out in the car for the first time, and it broke down on the way home. Then there was what happened when I got home and put it in the garage. I’ve had several occasions since where it just refused to start. Then there was the time I took it out in the rain! More on these below.

But on the upside, I can’t help grinning every time I look at the car, every time I remember that I own an Audi quattro, every chance I get to drive it and listen to that sound.

So what has been going on?

I fixed the dim rear indicators (fitted better bulbs), sorted the intercooler mounts, and fitted the Samco hoses. The old ones were pretty tired once I looked closely.

It gave me the opportunity to check out the turbo. It looks great inside and there’s no sideways movement in the compressor wheel.


I took Rusty to a couple of shows and car meets.

Then the garage incident happened. It was dark and I was tired, and I absolutely kicked myself for doing this.

And to cap it off, I had forgotten about the broken check strap on the door, and the Wellington wind caught me out.

So I booked Rusty in with Finer Details to get it sorted out. They did a great job.


I’m still chasing a battery drain issue, which might be connected to my intermittent start issues. As I’m charging the battery regularly and sick of taking out the back seat I fitted this to make charging a bit easier.

I replaced the engine earths.

No joy, so I started looking at the starter wiring. It was in a bit of a mess, with cracked shielding and corrosion inside the wires, so I pulled it out and replaced it.

Rusty started perfectly the next six times, I thought I had it sorted. Then next time, nothing. Sigh. It seems to be heat related as leaving the car for ten minutes fixed it again.

Next I decided to sort out the headlight washers. This didn’t go so well either! As soon as I connected them up, the car started crying. I have some non-return valves on the way which I hope will sort this.

I went to a car meet in the pouring rain. Everything went well and I was pleased that Rusty performed well and didn’t steam up too much or anything. The heater is working now but the valve is really stiff and the control inside won’t shift it. Another job for the list.

I did have a worrying clonking from underneath on the way home which seemed to be getting worse so I jacked up the car ready to check that out, opened the boot and found a swimming pool!

When the paint and bodywork was done they forgot to make the drain holes in the new boot floor. I got the drill out…

After a bit of wire wheel work and painting it looks much better.

I still need to track down the source of the leak, it could be one of several places – boot seal, rear light seals, sunroof drains, aerial. We’ll see.

So the list has grown a bit, despite a few things being checked off.

Lots to do, and a couple of road trips booked, including the Gumboot Rally so I need to get them done asap.

Follow the full Project Rusty build here.

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Rob Clubley
I love everything about cars! Driving, looking at them, modifying. It's great to see what people do with cars, the different car cultures. If I was rich, my garage would be bigger than my house!


  1. How’s rusty these days Rob, I’ve just recently changed all the hoses, radiator, switches and senders to, changing the timing belt was interesting too! I read your entire freed again mate and loved it, thanks again for posting, I hope your enjoying the old girl as much as me, from a fellow ur quattro lover, cheers Tim


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