Porsche 911 GT3

With details of Porsche’s new GT3 spreading across the net, so too are the mobs of haters who have no end to the list of things they would prefer to see Porsche change then what Porsche have decided to change. Top of the list being no option for a manual gearbox in the new GT3 only a PDK version ( Porsche’s dual clutch automated gearbox). Porsche has had enough of the complaints and whining and are confident the years of experience they have over the customers, shows they kinda know what there doing. Andreas Preuninger didnt mess around and got straight to the point telling everyone to  “shut up and drive”.

Oh no! This colour scheme; Oh no! These decals; How can they do this; Blah blah bloop.’ And everybody bought it nevertheless and is happy.

The PDK that is so discussed so much—‘Why! How can you do this! Holy Manual and skip it overboard’—I say it’s a shut up and drive.
It’s a crucial period now, people complain, forming strong opinions about something they can’t judge because they didn’t have any opportunity to drive it and judge it realistically.

But that will pass as soon as the first journalists come back with their feedback—and I know exactly what this feedback is going to be like.I experience it too often. With every new RS: ‘Oh no! This colour scheme.


Andreas Preuninger – Porsche AG


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