A veteran volunteer firefighter, Mr Pinfold was the winner of the New Zealand’s Got Talent Audition a Toyota competition. He entered by test driving a Toyota Hilux, after dreaming of owning one since the first SR5 in 2008.

“I’d just convinced my wife to buy a Hilux and had been looking to buy a second hand one over the last six months. I’d been looking hard but they hold their value so well so I couldn’t really afford it. So the timing of this is perfect. It’s a dream come true – I’m a very happy man.”

Mr Pinfold says he and his wife Christine, their three children and six grandchildren all plan to enjoy the new 4WD.

“They are all wanting to go for a ride but we’ll sort out car seats first!”

Mr Pinfold, a 33-year veteran volunteer firefighter, will sell his 2001 RAV4.

“My wife doesn’t want it as she has a Camry. We have been Toyota drivers for the last 6 years – I wouldn’t buy anything else now!

Mr Pinfold took the Hilux for a test drive from Feilding Toyota on 1 November. His win was confirmed after a draw on November 25, and the new Hilux delivered by New Zealand’s Got Talent host Tamati Coffey.

The excited family kept their news secret and the win was announced on the New Zealand’s Got Talent finale this evening. Toyota New Zealand General Manager of Marketing Neeraj Lala says it was a pleasure to see New Zealand’s favourite ute being delivered to such a true fan. “The Hilux was the most popular test drive for entrants in the draw and Garry is clearly a real fan. The idea behind the Audition a Toyota competition was that the prize would be the exact vehicle they had test-driven – in this case a truck Garry had been a fan of for many years.”

Mr Lala says that as show partner, Toyota was also delighted to see Renee Maurice emerge as the New Zealand’s Got Talent winner.

“Renee blew the roof off with every song, not least in her stunning performance at the grand finale. But Renee has more than sheer talent – her work with young people at charity StarJam as a singing tutor for young people with special abilities, shows she has real heart.

“While we congratulate all of the outstanding talent and particularly acknowledge the other finalists – there could be no more fitting winner for Toyota. Renee shows, if you can dream it, you can do it – and inspires that in others.”

Mr Lala says the show was a great opportunity for Toyota to support New Zealanders.

“A huge thanks everyone involved – from those who worked on the show to contestants and their families supporting them. Last year we were pleased to support the first New Zealand’s Got Talent series, opening up a new pathway for talented and creative Kiwis to reach a national spotlight. This year, remarkable talent continues to flow from our community. It’s been a real privilege to see that flourish.”



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