Check out these movie poster series based on the vehicle that feature in each one. Pretty wicked stuff!

All credit goes to Jakob Staermose for the terrific interpretations of these classics.


tumblr_my65p2STkD1qkj7sso1_1280 (1)  tumblr_my65p2STkD1qkj7sso7_1280 tumblr_my65p2STkD1qkj7sso4_1280 tumblr_my65p2STkD1qkj7sso5_1280 tumblr_my65p2STkD1qkj7sso3_1280 tumblr_my65p2STkD1qkj7sso2_1280

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Tom Lo
Filthy tidiness is probably how I would describe my passion for anything with a motor. I enjoy the perfection, purposefulness, and thought put into the design and assembly of cars....but I do love to see them been thrashed and covered in brake dust, dirt and blood. You gotta use it to love it in my books.



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