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South West England, Somerset Police Force are very excited about their new recruit, an Ariel Atom which has been brought on to combat speeders in their new campaign called “Safe Rider”
The Ariel Atom, which is manufactured in Somerset, is famous for it’s incredible acceleration, power to weight ratio and is the closest thing to a motorbike with four wheels. 0-100km in 2.5sec, powered by a Supercharged Honda 2.0l i-Vtec engine (K20A), combined it with a curb weight of 612kgs! makes 350BHP!

Pictures via VisorDown

The “Safe Rider” Campaign set out by the Somerset Road Safety and is aimed to reduce the amount of motorcycle related accidents that happen during summer as the number of Motorcyclist increase during that period. You’ll definitely think twice about pressing down on that accelerator pedal going through Somerset otherwise you’ll definitely see one of these in your rear view mirror! But how much cooler is this than your average Highway Patrol Holden SS

Pictures via VisorDown




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