IMI CombatGuard

The AM General Humvee has been out on the battle field for what the US Military thinks is to many year. Its time to get a new work horse, and with little on offer from US contractors, they may turn to a company called Israeli Military Industries who have developed a pretty awesome looking machine called the Combat Guard.

If it was to describe it for someone, I would say its Mr T’s daily offroad vehicle, thick armour plating mixed with massive lift and huge offroad tyres. It not only looks the part but it has the figures to do it justice too. With a 300 horsepower General Motors Diesel engine, and a 95 mph top speed this machine can carry up to eight soldiers down a 70 degree slope or over a 30 inch vertical wall. All while being fully armoured against small arms fire, landmines, and IEDs. In addition to this is has an on board defence system, electronic countermeasures system called Bright Arrow. This system can deflect or destroy guided weapons fired at the Combat Guard before they make contact. Check out this beast in action.



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