Audi has revealed their new V10 TDI SUV concept the Nanuk Quattro! A cross over concept “combines the dynamics of a high-performance sports car with Audi’s quattro expertise on the road, on the race track and also off-road,” in Audi’s own words. Powered by a 5.0-liter V10 TDI engine and fitted with all-wheel-drive and integral steering, the Nanuk study is seen by Audi as a car equally at home on any kind of road surface, as well as off-road, in the sand or in the snow. Audi-Nanuk-Quattro-Concept-10[2] Audi-Nanuk-Quattro-Concept-11[2] Audi-Nanuk-Quattro-Concept-12[2] Audi-Nanuk-Quattro-Concept-3[2] Audi-Nanuk-Quattro-Concept-6[2] Audi-Nanuk-Quattro-Concept-14[2]


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