Swiss artist Fabian Oefner is known within his circles for creating images that appeal to heart and mind. His latest series, “Disintegrating” and “Hatch” are on display in the M.A.D. Gallery are sure to pull on any enthusiasts heart stings. Disintegrating is focused on exploded views of certain cars, not full scale mind you but models cars, with each single image taking around 3 weeks to photography and digitally overlay to create these amazing images.Disintegrating-01-lr

Hatch explores the deepest depths of our imagination, and the birth of such beautifully designed machine as if they were living organisms. Fabian took a latex mould of a Ferrari 250 GTO model, created several dozen shell, which he then start to destroy. Mad you think, maybe, but so often madness and pure genius dance a fine line next to each other. I for one think these images are truly amazing.


This video shows a little bit more about what it took to make these break taking images.

Credit – MAD Gallery


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