Last night we were invited along to the launch of the Fiat Chrysler brands at Gazley Wellington. It’s really great to see Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Jeep and Dodge back in good hands. We all had a great evening, check out some of our photos to see what we got up too.

Gazley-Launch-2 Gazley-Launch-25 Gazley-Launch-24 Gazley-Launch-23 Gazley-Launch-22 Gazley-Launch-21 Gazley-Launch-20 Gazley-Launch-19 Gazley-Launch-18 Gazley-Launch-17 Gazley-Launch-16 Gazley-Launch-13 Gazley-Launch-12 Gazley-Launch-11 Gazley-Launch-10 Gazley-Launch-9 Gazley-Launch-8 Gazley-Launch-7 Gazley-Launch-6 Gazley-Launch-5 Gazley-Launch-4 Gazley-Launch-3



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