There are two sides to this story, the first and most obvious being: do not turn off the traction control around town to try and show off at a Cars and Coffee if you really don’t know what you are doing. You will be the reason why the police come and shut it down. But that’s not even the main reason you shouldn’t do this sort of thing. The guys who are standing at the side of the street with cameras live for moments like these, as they then get the scoop on Youtube which usually goes viral. The moral of this story is pretty simple. Don’t be an Asshat.

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John Galvin (JSG)
It started at a young age with bedroom posters, the Countach of course. This slowly grew into a super car die-cast model collection, fifty five 1:18 models at the last count. At which point it had almost taken full control, the incurable Mad Car Disease ran deep though my veins all the way to the bone. And things for my loved ones just got worse as the cars where now being bought at 1:1 scale, after a BMW, HSV, and couple of Audi's, the disease reached my brain, pushing me over the edge and down the rabbits hole into the world of the bedroom poster.



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