Jeremy Clarkson has been videoed saying at a charity event that he expects to be sacked pending the BBC’s review. At the event he was persuaded to auction off a lap around the Top Gear test track, which later sold for £100,000.

He wants to do one more lap before he gets sacked. “I didn’t foresee my sacking, but I would like to do one last lap,” he said

He also went on to describe the BBC bosses to the crowd using some less than appropriate words and saying that they had a good thing in Top Gear with an 18 year waiting list to see the show but they have ruined it.

“I’ll go down to Surrey and I’ll do one last lap of that track before the BBC sack me.

And I’ll drive somebody around in whatever I can get hold of when I’m sacked, so it’s probably an Austin Maestro.”

He added: “I’ll be a bit tearful when I do it, but fuck it, let’s do it.”

What do you think? is this the end?


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