For those who love all things VAG (Volkswagen-Audi Group), or insane cars in general, the annual Worthersee event is always something to look forward to. In previous years this event has given us some mad factory-made concepts such as the Golf with a Bentley W12 engine, the 592bhp A3 Clubsport from last year, and now this; the TT Clubsport.

Looks good doesn’t it? Like a sort of evil love child between a Group B rally car and a DTM car. There’s no denying this TT is far from being a hairdresser’s car; it’s more likely to set your hair on fire. What the designers have done is taken the already handsome looking third-generation TT and made even better looking by giving it a body that’s 14cm wider, aggressive bumpers, and a wing so big you could literally film an entire HBO series on it.


Under the bonnet is the same 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbo found in the A3 Clubsport, which explains the identical 592bhp power figure. It’s essentially a development of the same engine found in the RS3 and RSQ3, but with an industrial sized turbo smacked in. Audi says it an ‘electronic biturbo’, which means it decreases lag and increases boost. Anything that increases boost is always good.

Strangely for a VAG product there’s no DSG to be found here, just a good old fashioned 6-speed manual with a metal shift gate of course. Because of this it’s 0-100 km/h isn’t as quick as it could but 3.6 seconds isn’t too shabby is it? Top speed is estimated to be 310 km/h. To stop the TT Clubsport, Audi has given it 370mm carbon ceramic brakes.


Inside there’s a pair of beautiful lightweight red sports seats with four point harnesses and instead of tiny back seats there’s a titanium roll cage. The great thing is while this is supposed to an extreme TT, the interior still retains the same well-laid out design as a regular TT. It even has the Virtual Cockpit. Oh and it only weighs 1396kg too, which is only 90kg more than a 1.8 TT.

Now if only Audi will put it into production. Perhaps a petition to get Audi to put this into production, albeit in limited numbers is needed.

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