As I may have mentioned, the UrQ came bundled with a non-runner 1986 Coupe GT which the previous owner bought as a parts donor. He very kindly sorted out the broken steering and got the car to the end of his drive so I could get it transported from Taupo to Wellington. I used the same company – Auto Logistics – who did a great job of getting the car to me safely and quickly. They even delivered on a Saturday, which worked really well for me.

The trailer was pretty cool how it lowered to the ground, not needing any ramps attached and the driver did a pretty good move rolling the car into my drive and dropping it where I wanted using the only functioning brake – the handbrake.

Audi-Ur-Quattro-0566 Audi-Ur-Quattro-0567 Audi-Ur-Quattro-0568

I have managed to spend a bit of time on the donor this week getting it stripped out. The plan is to get it to a bare shell as quickly as possible, retaining all of the useful bits, then get it out of the way. It has many bits missing from the motor and drivetrain – it’s a 2.2 five cylinder with an auto gearbox – but it does have lots of trim pieces that mine is missing, a great condition rear shelf and headlining, an intact sunroof mechanism and seal, and various other useful parts.


Audi-Ur-Quattro-0192 Audi-Ur-Quattro-0251 Audi-Ur-Quattro-0254 Audi-Ur-Quattro-0259 Audi-Ur-Quattro-0260 Audi-Ur-Quattro-0262

My daughter even got involved


After removing the dashboard I remember thinking that this looked a bit dangerous.


Then I slipped and…


So apart from almost removing my eye and having a big scab on my face it has been good progress this week. I have a container of useful nuts and bolts and lots of parts I was missing, or spares that look as good as or better than my existing ones. I’m really pleased I got this parts car!

Follow the full Project Rusty build here.

My build thread is on our forums here.

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