This month’s Morning Cruise theme was for a particular model – the BMW 2002. A car that’s undeniably cool in an unpretentious sort of way. The 2002 gave way to the 3-Series, which we know has become the definitive premium sedan.

Now I understand the significance of the 2002 in terms of BMW and automotive history. Being the first turbocharged BMW it paved the way for the advanced (and frankly brilliant) modern turbo engines BMW produces today. It was also the first mass-produced turbocharged car from Europe. Today, nearly every single car to come out of the continent is turbocharged.


But dedicating an entire Morning Cruise on it was a bit of a long shot. In fact, the 2002 models didn’t even take up an entire aisle at the T-Site car park. It was still a nice sight to see. Before BMW’s were “winners” they were the underdog and it shows with the honesty and simplicity of the 2002

My personal favourite were the 2002 Turbos and the lone Alpina for one very simple reason; I like stripes. Knowing they wouldn’t be able to fill the entire car park up with 2002s, probably because they’re quite rare and appreciating fast, the organisers also allowed for other cars to join in. Which made for a very unique mix.


Obviously there were a couple of old BMWs. The E9 3.0CSL was stunning in silver with a white one joining the party later on. There were a couple generations of 5-Series too including a E28, E34, E39, and E60. There was a nice Z4 Coupe too, a marmite-design that I particularly like.

There were a decent amount of Ferraris too. As usual there were 458s, a red Italia and a black Spider. There was a very pretty 246GT Dino and an equally stunning 308GTB. What stood out the pretty unique 512TR tuned by Iding Power. This particular car was part of the Morohoshi group, known for their outrageous customised Lambos. Compared to those this 512 was quite tame. Apart from a fixed rear wing, bigger wheels, and custom exhaust it looked quite stock.


The blue ASA 1000GT, a car I had to Google, also had a Ferrari connection. Apart from the Prancing Horse on the steering wheel and some stickers on the body, the 1000GT has a third of the engine of a V12 Ferrari. Powering this baby Italian GT is a 1.0 four-cylinder.

The Alfa 105 GTV was a nice addition to the 2002 theme as it was Italy’s take on the small two-door sports coupe. Other oddballs included a Ford Anglia, Rocket Lightweight, Triumph Spitfire, and a Honda N360. But taking the “I would’ve never expected to see one” cake would have to be the two very special Renaults.


The Alpine A110, in Alpine Blue, was a sight to behold. This is a car that exemplifies true quirky French style. Not to mention being one of the coolest rally cars ever. Then there was the Renault Sport Spider. This was released nearly two decades ago yet still turns heads and raises curiosity.

There were some other cool cars at the meet too, like an immaculate 240Z, which you can see in the gallery. Next month’s Morning Cruise should be a good one. The theme is “Only Ferrari”. So that’ll be one to look out for. I can’t wait.

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