Whilst my daughter and many kids in New Zealand are counting down to Christmas, I (a big kid) am counting down to the bodyshop deadline for my quattro.

I’m doing my best not to hassle them but I can’t resist calling in to Just Rust every chance I get to see what progress has been made. And progress is being made!

While I’m waiting I’ve been getting parts together for the rebuild. I’ve bought new bulbs for most of the lights, new brake pads and discs are on order from The Toy Shop. I’m working on a list of what fluids to change, correct specification of those fluids and quantities required. I’ve sourced a few rare replacement parts for headlight adjusters, sun visor clips, rear light seals etc.

I went on a bit of a shopping spree at 034 Motorsport and bought some replacement bushings and engine mounts. Got stung for import duty on that one, but it still worked out to be good value.

I’ve also been searching around for tyres as the current ones have been on the car for over ten years and I won’t be driving on them! It turns out that the quattro has an unusual wheel and tyre size. The factory sized 215/50R15 size is no longer available, so a slightly fatter 225/50R15 is the way to go. This is still an unusual size, in NZ at least, and had had a few tyre places scratching their heads. A Toyo tyre is available in that size and comes recommended by a few urq owners so I’ll be buying a set in the new year, once I get the wheels refurbished.

Anyway enough waffling, here are some photos of the bodywork.

The rear shelf from the GT donor car was used to repair the rough speaker holes.


This will enable them to restore the sunroof holder brackets underneath.

The bonnet had to be stripped completely.


They started to reveal what’s under all that filler at the back corner.. gulp.Audi-Ur-Quattro-1034

It’s a good job the rear screen had to come out as there was more rust under the seal.Audi-Ur-Quattro-1038

Repairs in progress on that big hole!Audi-Ur-Quattro-1035 Audi-Ur-Quattro-1543 Audi-Ur-Quattro-1545

And the roofAudi-Ur-Quattro-1036 Audi-Ur-Quattro-1546

Jobs to be done include:

Windscreen out and passenger door off, probably front wing too to repair the rusted A pillar and any unseen rust around those areas.
Fix dent in driver’s door
Cut out and repair sunroof rust.
Rust around tailgate and boot.
Weld up about 16 holes in boot (mostly from that towbar)
Finish repairs for driver’s side window area
Prep and paint.
Re-fit rear and side windows

Just Rust certainly have their work cut out!


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I love everything about cars! Driving, looking at them, modifying. It's great to see what people do with cars, the different car cultures. If I was rich, my garage would be bigger than my house!


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