Er.. no. It’s not finished. Far from it in fact. Not a big deal, I’d rather have it done right than rushed. But I am dying to get on with re-assembling it.

I’ve picked up a few more parts like wipers, brake fluid etc. I bought a set of shiny new discs and pads from our friends at The Toy Shop Wellington.

IMAG1105 IMAG1106

I bought new bulbs for the fog lamps, and when I went to install them I realised that one of the lamps had completely lost its silvering. I wish I had spotted this when I had the headlights done!


But this issue paled into insignificance when I had a careless slip of the screwdriver, and this happened.


Not what I wanted. Fortunately these Hella lights were used on a few models and I sourced a replacement, which is on its way from the US.

I’ve called in a few times to see the car, and Just Rust have been sending me in-progress photos. I find the repair process fascinating so here are some more photos of the work.


Roof drain, looking really good


In-progress shot of the sill repair


The windscreen is out, revealing some rust under the seal (surprise!)

Audi-Ur-Quattro-1121 Audi-Ur-Quattro-1123

We finally got to see what was under all that filler at the rear corner. Not a great deal! But the rust has been cut out and repair and rebuild of the metal is underway.


There’s still lots of rust to deal with around the rear.


The sunroof has been repaired beautifully by cutting out all of the rusty metal and rebuilding it.

Audi-Ur-Quattro-1128 Audi-Ur-Quattro-9519 Audi-Ur-Quattro-9520 Audi-Ur-Quattro-1134

The front guards need to be removed, then we can see the full extent of the A pillar rust. Gulp.

Audi-Ur-Quattro-1124 Audi-Ur-Quattro-1125 Audi-Ur-Quattro-1126 Audi-Ur-Quattro-1127


So that’s how the car is at the moment. Some awesome work has been completed by Just Rust so far and I’m really happy with how it’s going. Here’s to the New Year when it will be completed!

Audi-Ur-Quattro-1137 Audi-Ur-Quattro-1139

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