Ferrari models change their names as often as rappers do. So just as everyone was getting used to the FF, the folks at Maranello have taken its facelift as an opportunity to go back through its history and dig up some old names – ‘GTC’ and ‘Lusso’.

The GTC4Lusso (all one word by the way) harks back to the naming structure of Ferraris from a more glamorous time such as the 250 GT Lusso and 365 GTC/4. But along with the retro-style name, Ferrari have made some modern changes too.


The 6.3-litre naturally aspirated V12 carries over but now produces 680bhp/500kW, up from the FF’s 630/463kW while torque is rated at 700NM, most of which can be had from as low as 2000rpm. Top speed remains at over 330 km/h but it’s now half a second quicker to 100 km/h taking a mere 3.4 seconds.

Other changes include a ‘best of’ Ferrari’s current technological marvels such as the F12tdf’s rear wheel steering and the 488 GTB’s Side Slip Control. The FF’s “faux-wheel drive” system remains the same. Those expecting a hybrid four-wheel drive system will have wait a little while longer.


Inside, the GTC4Lusso (it’s a difficult thing to type. Every inch of me wants to but a space between GTC4 and Lusso) gets a new cabin design featuring a shiny new 10-inch touchscreen. There’s also a larger passenger display (perfect for showing off/scaring passengers) and what appears to be a square steering wheel. But if you look closely it appears there are lots of storage spaces. Well done Ferrari.

You’d expect the GTC4Lusso to have decent storage, given its Shooting Brake body style. The styling changes, to my eyes, overall seem quite good. I especially like the rear with the quad-taillights which are a nod to classic Ferrari GTs such as the Daytona, 456, and 612. I’m on the fence about the front but it might look better in person. It just seems too smug for my liking. But then again it is a Ferrari, it should have a lot to be smug about.


Expect prices to be similar to the FF, around $635,000. For that you could get a new Audi RS6 AND a new Lamborghini Huracan with change. Let that sink in for a bit. So what do you think of the GTC4Lusso? Do you like the new name and new looks or do you prefer the old FF name and looks?

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