Sort of. The image you see is a sketch revealed in a video released by TVR showing off their past, present, and of course, future. The new TVR two-seater GT sports car is set for a 2017 launch.

A render of the upcoming car was shown on TVR’s website earlier this year but this is the first time we’ve seen it from a face-on view. I can see a bit of Corvette C7 and SLS AMG inspiration in the front. That’s no bad thing at all.

Like the Corvette and SLS, this new TVR will most likely have a V8 under the bonnet. A Cosworth-tuned V8 no less. There’s no official confirmation on this yet, but multiple reports have suggested a Ford Mustang sourced 5.0-litre V8 is the most likely base engine.


The first of the new TVRs will be constructed with carbon-fibre chassis and body panels. However, after the ‘Launch Editions’ are complete, “regular” cars will have aluminium chassises and fibre-glass bodies. The carbon construction will be an optional extra.

Regardless of the materials used, the new TVR will be made using Gordon Murray’s ‘iSteam’ process which is said to be a more efficient way of constructing carbon cars. The ‘iSteam’ process is a joint-project between Gordon Murray Designs and Yamaha.

The car will be built in a fancy new factory in Wales. TVR expects to sell around 1500 cars per year. They’ve already received 350 deposits. Prices are expected to be around the £55,000 ballpark.

So, it’ll be made in a modern factory, built in a modern way, and using modern materials. Let’s hope it’ll still retain some of that old-school charm that made TVRs of the past so likeable.

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