Finally, New Zealand has made it on to Gran Turismo. “The Real Driving Simulator” has been around for nearly two decades now and their latest iteration, out on November 18 this year for PS4, finally has Kiwi locations such as Mount Cook, Lake Tekapo, and the Causeway Coast.


Okay, so you can’t actually drive or race on them in the game but they do make for very picturesque backgrounds. Some might see the negative in this – “oh it might bring more tourist drivers to New Zealand” they’ll moan. If they come over and bring LaFerraris and Bugattis, what’s the problem with that? But let’s not get into that debate right now. Instead let’s celebrate that our little country has become world famous in a virtual racing game.


As well as the addition of the Kiwi backdrop in the game, Gran Turismo Sport finally adds a track based on the infamous Tokyo Expressway. I’ve experienced this “circuit” first hand when I was in Japan. It’s a loop that goes around the heart of Tokyo’s urban expressway network and the stomping ground of street races on most weekend nights. Clearly someone at Sony Entertainment has been to Tatsumi on a Friday night.


Other new tracks include Brands Hatch (finally) and Willow Springs Raceway. There’ll be a total of 19 tracks to play on with 27 layouts. A total of 140 cars will be available but there’ll also be a way of making your car unique with the Livery Editor. I’m picturing the black and gold Johnnie Walker livery on an Evora or perhaps a Marlboro livery LaFerrari.


Gran Turismo Sport will be the first GT game for the PS4 and also a return to the Gran Turismo/FIA partnership. Hopefully this signals that a New Zealand track could be on the cards for future Gran Turismo games? Take your pick Sony; Highlands, Hampton Downs, Pukekohe… Watch the trailer below:


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