With the demise of the traditional New Zealand police car rapidly approaching as production ends in Australia, New Zealand police could be forgiven for looking with envy at their Italian counterparts, the Carabinieri, who have just been presented with their first new Alfa Romeo police cars, the Giulia Quadrifoglio, which matches its blistering 307 kmh level of performance with the effortless style that could only come from Italy.

As anyone who has visited Italy or seen Italian films will know, Alfa Romeo has long been the choice of the Carabinieri, indeed the Giulia has a history with the Carabinieri that dates back to just after the Second World War when the original Giulia was chosen for police work. It was followed by the Alfa Romeo Alfetta, Alfa Romeo 90, Alfa Romeo 75 Alfa Romeo 155, the Alfa Romeo 156 and, most recently, the Alfa Romeo 159.


The transition from performance sedan to high profile police car has been thorough for both car and drivers, with carefully designed police stripes that blend in with the styling of the Giulia – of course – and inside all the latest police equipment has fitted so as to be as easy to operate and use as the normal Giulia features. With 510 bhp on hand to provide an ability blast to 100 kmh in 3.9 seconds and on to that top speed of 307 kmh, Alfa Romeo is also providing special training at Varano de Melegari race track with top racing drivers for the Carabinieri driving the Giulia.

Something else, perhaps, for those New Zealand police to envy, too?

The two Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio presented to the Carabinieri this month are the first of more than new 800 cars destined for police work which also includes, like their British counterparts, the Jeep Renegade for when pursuits and investigations go off road.

The Carabinieri can trace their history back to 1726, but it was in 1868 with the formation of the mounted division of the Carabinieri that they became fully associated with horse power, something that is clearly still reflected in their uniform today with its riding breeches and boots, not to mention their desire to have the Alfa Romeo sedan with more horse power than any previous model!



*Press Releases are direct from the Manufacturers, and not edited in any way.

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