I’ve been gradually working on various things over the last month, hopefully getting closer to being able to drive my car.

The dashboard is back in place.


Followed by the instrument cluster, and new steering wheel.




The instrument cluster will have to come back out as it does this:

Update: Tried it again after wiring in the rear lights and there was no flickering, so maybe it’s just some sort of earth fault. More later!

There were more interesting electrical features too, like this headlight switch. Fortunately I had a spare from the donor car.


I tackled a job I’d been slightly worried about – re-installing the windows and regulators. It was easier than I expected, though I haven’t tried the windows yet, no switches!



All of the wipers and motors are in, and working.


I couldn’t resist any longer and installed the Audi quattro window banner.



I had a good look at the seatbelts and they were pretty worn, slightly frayed at the edges, and had a bit of rust in one of the mechanisms so I decided to bin them and get new. They’re pretty much the quattro’s only safety feature so they need to be good. I ordered a set of Securon belts from the UK via Ebay, which arrived after a few days.


the old rear belts – one was from a Volvo!



I had to cut new holes through the parcel shelf cover, which was from the GT. Obviously there were some changes between models that I hadn’t noticed when I compared the covers.

Next I pulled out the carpets from my garage for a look. My memory told me they were in reasonable condition. Er, no. Big rips in both front sections, poorly repaired with carpet glued to the back. They’re very worn, and the backing has hardened and is flaking off in triangular chunks. I took the following terrible photo with my phone before putting them back in the garage!


When the car is moveable I’ll be taking it to Kohl Rod and Custom, who are local to me, for a full new custom carpet.

Finally, I pulled the rear lights out and installed the water seals, ran an extra earth to them just in case, then tested. I have rear lights, headlights and one foglight. The indicators come on but don’t flash, so it looks like the relay is faulty. But overall not a bad start!


Follow the full Project Rusty build here.

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Rob Clubley
I love everything about cars! Driving, looking at them, modifying. It's great to see what people do with cars, the different car cultures. If I was rich, my garage would be bigger than my house!


  1. I’m not suggesting doing this, but a mate of mine once head-butted the planet* at about 80mph in an Audi Coupe (same shell but FWD, no turbo). His worst injury was a minor cut where his glasses fell off.
    The car was about 2 feet shorter, but the doors still opened and closed.

    *Well a concrete bridge parapet with about 3 miles of earth behind it.


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