The 1958 Land Rover Series II, is known quite well for being a rough and ready all terrain vehicle. Sentences like the Series II struggles offroad today would be uncommon, to say the least. So when we heard that someone had improved its off-road ability, our interest was spiked. But we were not fully prepared for what we saw…..

Behold, the 1958 Land Rover Series II 109″ Cuthbertson Tracked Utility Vehicle. No need to say much more, as your right now picking your jaw up off the floor.

Now that your brain has had some times to think about this, let me pour your another pan galactic gargle blaster. It could be yours, as its going up for auction at Bonhams on the 9th of September for a projected $90,000 to $110,000 NZD.

Bonhams Auction


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